The Rotterdam Transplantation Lab

Research focus

The research performed at The Rotterdam Transplantation laboratory is both translational and fundamental in nature and can be dissected into three research lines; Transplant Immunology, Molecular Markers, and Tissue Repair & Cell Therapy. Furthermore, we are involved in Diagnostics in the setting of solid organ transplantation.

Examples of our equipment and operational techniques are multi-parameter flow cytometry/flow cytometry based cell sorting, imaging flow cytometry, Elispot, mixed lymphocyte reactions, cytotoxicity assays, kidney organoid disease models, GWAS, RT-qPCR, epigenetics (methylation and cfDNA), histology and immunohistochemistry. Also we have an operational human kidney organoid implantation model and we run organ-on-chip models.

Please take a look at the different topics for a brief description of our activities and contact information.

Our team


Martin J. Hoogduijn, PhD


Karin Boer, PhD


Nicolle H.R. Litjens, PhD

foto Sebastiaan Heidt

Sebastiaan Heidt, PhD


Sander Korevaar, BSc


Annemiek Peeters, BSC

Quincy Nlandu 20x30

Quincy Nlandu, MSc


Aleixandra Mendoza, MSc


Rens Kraaijeveld, BSc


Ronella de Kuiper, BSc

K Bousnina_NTV_carilijne pieters dec 2023

Karim Bousnina, MSc

Shengbing 2

Shengbing Li


Marjolein Dieterich, BSc

Liang Wu, MD

Liang Wu


Derek Reijerkerk

Hui picture

Hui Lin, MSC

Hector Tejeda Mora, MSc

Hector Tejeda Mora, MSC

Photo - Alvaro Assis de Souza

Alvaro Assis de Souza

dummy woman

Amanda Bas-Cristobal Menendez, MSC