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Our research

The research performed at The Rotterdam Transplantation laboratory is translational of nature and can be dissected into three research lines being Transplantation Immunology, Molecular Markers and Tissue Repair & Cell Therapy. Furthermore, we are also involved in Diagnostics in the setting of solid organ transplantation and perform flow cytometry-based cell sorting for other departments.

Examples of our equipment and operational techniques are: multi-parameter flow cytometry/flow cytometry based cell sorting, phospho-specific flow cytometry, divers cell culture assays i.e., Elispot, Mixed Lymphocyte reactions, cytotoxicity assays, GWAS, extracellular vesicles, RT-qPCR, epigenetics (methylation and cfDNA), histology and immunohistochemistry.  Also we have the humanized skin transplant mouse model operational.

Take a look at the different topics for a brief description of our activities and contact information.